The monthly meeting of CVCC was held at Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls.  Following the Pot Luck supper the meeting was called to order at 6:53 PM by President DJ Mills.



Lewis and Judy Harrison, Tom Rohrer,  Sue Klingman Jerry and Sally Siler, John and Jeane Hepfler, Steve Coach, Steve Paulson, Frank and Gerry Vanecek, DJ Mills, Doug Skapyak, Bruce Parizek, Paul and Janet Kosower, Larry Tomter, Jerry and Linda Salow, Nancy and Pat Snyder, Roger and Nadine Schlaeppi, Jeff Steffen,  Warren and Joan Busjahn and Jack and Mary Lee Halbleib.


GUEST SPEAKER:   Holly Bembenek, Annual Gifts Officer from the CVTC Endowment Fund spoke about the process used for selecting the winners for our two $500 Scholarships.  She recounted that we began funding a scholarship for Automotive Repair and Auto Body and Refinishing students fourteen years ago.  We noted that the last two years we have provided two scholarships.  She noted that there is now a 5% Administrative Fee on money donated for scholarships.  A Volunteer Committee screens the applicants rather than being nominated directly by an instructor as previously.  Applicants must have two references from their instructors, maintain at least a 2.5 Grade Point Average and per our requirements, have completed at least one semester (12 credits) and be carrying a full time student credit load of 12 credits.  After discussion, the Club acted to expand the range of eligible students rather than the specified two programs. 


On a motion by Frank Vanecek/Warren Busjahn, The eligibility for receiving our CVTC Scholarships will include any student in an automobile related program who otherwise meets the existing requirements noted earlier:  Carried.  Several concerns and feedback were provided and Holly will take back to the Governing Board. 

Pat Snyder is our contact.


MINUTES OF JUNE 13, 2017:  Minutes of the previous meeting were posted online and available at the meeting.  Approved on Motion by Sue Klingman/Tom Rohrer: CARRIED


TREASURER’S REPORT:   Sue provided a detailed report showing income of $3.00 for Name Tags, $1.06 Dividend for a savings total of $1981.94   Checking Account showed receipts of Member Dues: $120.00,  Osseo Parade Award $50.00 for a Balance of $2406.81.  Total Fund Balance is $4,388.75.



Governor Pete wasn’t available for the meeting tonight.  No report.



Gunderson Chevrolet has provided their support payment and requested to be billed quarterly.   Sue will do so.  THANKS to our SPONSOR!



Clings still available (one size fits all).  Will check with Gunderson on ordering more T shirts…down to one size left, and only a couple of those!


Repair List Update:  John Hepfler recently had some paintless dent repair done on his truck  at Wissota Collision.  They did a fine job.  Jack H. is taking his Vette there tomorrow to re-shoot the rear bumper to get a better color match.   


Apparel can be embroidered at Fleet Feet on Water St in Eau Claire.  They have all our Club and Corvette logos.


Member Website information: www.chippewavalleycorvettes.com, Facebook etc  Tom will take pictures of new members and their Corvettes after the meeting.


Name Tags:  Let Jack Halbleib know if you need a new nametag!!!



A great time at the Galesville Car Show on July 4.  Five member cars and Tom J. from River City Corvettes had a great time, good chicken dinner and beautiful weather.


Pat Snyder has put together a Ride and Dine to Vino in the Valley for SUNDAY, July 23.  Meet at NOON at the Craig Road McDonalds (Hwy 37) by Green Mill/Holiday Inn.  We have 3 PM Reservation. Confirm or add your name by contacting Pat Snyder at: patrder@live.com!


This Fall we are planning an event with the River City (LaCrosse, WI) Club.  Ideas are being finalized.  Watch for details.  We hope to make this an annual (or more) event.  Thanks Lewis!



About twelve members volunteered at the July 1 Chetek Show.  Afterwards about a dozen of us enjoyed a nice picnic with John and Jeane Hepfler at their cottage.  THANKS!!!





LAKE MARTHA DAYS PARADE:   We had seven Corvettes (and Larry’s big old Ford convertible) hauling Royalty on Father’s Day.  We won the Community Representation Award (worth a nice letter and $50.00!)  Afterwards over to Lewis and Judy Harrison’s for a nice lunch!  Good times!



Sunshine Committee:  Warren wanted to remind everyone to let him know of any member issues. Recently Bill Custer lost his mother (a card was sent).  Welcome Back to Warren after some heart trouble!




July 15  -   Saturday -  River City Corvettes Show at Brennigan Chev in West Salem

                   Meet at Lewis’ house (Hwy 10, Osseo) at 8:30 AM, leave by 9:00!

July 21  -   Friday - Plum City Car Show – 5:00 PM

July 23  -   Sunday – Vino in the Valley – see details under Ridemaster’s Report!

July 25  -   Wednesday Owen Park, Eau Claire “All Club Car Show”  5:30 – 8:00 P

July 28  -   Friday Evening - Eau Claire Expo Center  5:30 – 8:00  Free Admission

Aug 12  -    Saturday – Pioneer Village Museum – Cty Rd D between Barron and

                   Cameron – 8AM – 3 PM

Aug 19  -    Saturday -  Rudy’s – Car Show (Gunderson) Whitehall, WI 10 – 2 PM

Aug 20  -    Sunday – Beef and Dairy Day Parade, Whitehall  12:30 PM

Aug 27  -    Saturday – Festival in the Pines – Carson Park, Eau Claire 8AM – 3PM

Sept 10  -    Sunday - Barron Fall Fest Hwy 8 E,  8AM – 3PM


OTHER BUSINESS:   No other new business.




                                    POT LUCK at 6:00 PM,  MEETING at 7:00 PM







Recorded by:    

Jack Halbleib