The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by President Jeane Hepfler at MONK’S in Eau Claire, WI.



Jerry and Linda Salow, John and Jeane Hepfler, Greg and Doreen Zickert, Harvey and Carol Baumbach,  Nate Kuepfer, Hunter Kuepfer, Steve Coach, Lewis and Judy Harrison, Larry Schaefer and Cindy Komerick, Dan Anderson, Pat and Nancy Snyder, Rick and Barb Amundson, Barb Corbin, Warren and Joan Busjahn, Paul and Jan Kosower, Marv Braund, Tom Rohrer, Sue Klingman, Bruce and Kay Stelzner,  and Jack and Mary Lee Halbleib. What a great turnout!!!



Minutes were distributed at the meeting and electronically and were accepted on a Motion by Tom Rohrer/Jerry Salow: CARRIED



September and October’s Reports were provided by Sue: September: Income of $2.67 (interest), $125.00 (Dues) and Memorial Contributions (Larry Menard brick) $75.00 for a total of $4,311.18 in Savings and a Checking Balance of $42.94 for a Total of $4,354.12.  October: Total of $4,111.27 in Savings and $42.94 in Checking for a current total of $4,154.21.  


Sue will no longer provide a written copy of the monthly Treasurer’s Report and instead will post electronically.  Jack will include a written copy in his Secretary’s Minutes.


Both September and October Treasurer’s Reports accepted on Motion by Tom Rohrer/Judy Harrison: CARRIED



Old Business:  Still have Club window clings.  Sue K is working on getting our Club Logo onto her machines so she can do any custom work on her various items:  shirts, chair liners, dining apparel (bibs!), aprons and most any clothing or cloth items.


Repair list – John had no new items or issues to report.  Jack Halbleib noted that Andy Field is still doing custom alignment for Corvettes, but is backed up for now.

Getting your Corvette’s settings from factory (aggressive) to realistic will triple the life of your front tires while not substantially affecting handling.  Skap is looking for brake service. Ideas discussed (Eric Peterson Automotive) or buy your own parts and find an installer?  


Member Website: ( and Facebook.  Tom Rohrer is our webmaster and will take pictures of members and their rides when weather permits.  We limit any personal information posted on Facebook or our website!


SPONSORSHIP UPDATE:  We had a great tour of GUNDERSON CHEV/FORD Dealership last month.  We still need to receive their 2019 support check. Jeane and Sue will reach out to confirm our understanding of their promised support.



Ridemaster Report:  Skap put together a great impromptu run with a response of 13 Corvettes, beautiful weather and a nice ride around the Augusta area with great food at Black Bear!   Thanks Skap!


Lewis Harrison has agreed to serve as our Ridemaster for the upcoming year!  Thanks Lew!! Looking forward to another year of great rides together!


ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  Our  slate of officers for 2020 was firmed up at our last meeting:                 

                                                Presented for 2020 Officers:  

           STEVE COACH – President, NATE KUEPFER – Vice-President 

           SUE KLINGMAN – Treasurer             JACK HALBLEIB – Secretary


Motion for Unanimous Ballot for proposed slate by Paul Kosower/Tom Rohrer: CARRIED



 Thanks to our several CORVETTE VETS.  To honor their service the Club picked up their meal tab.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!


SUNSHINE COMMITTEE:   Rocky called in to say his is recovering well from his recent heart surgery.  BEST WISHES FOR SPEEDY RECOVERY!!! Your C8 is waiting!!! John and Deb Van Hove are both coming along in their recovery!!!



Pay Sue Klingman $25/member (spouse/significant other included).




TUESDAY,  DECEMBER 10, 2019 at MONKS  6:00 PM

Bring a $10-$15 gift if you wish to participate in our “Chinese Auction” and please bring an UNWRAPPED gift for TOYS FOR TOTS!!!  Steve Coach will deliver.


Cost is $20.00 per person. Pay Sue at the party. The CVCC will pick up the tab for the tip and tax.    Merry Christmas


Entree Choice:   Please choose one entree per person. 


Tenderloin of Pork - Roasted pork tenderloin, seasoned then grilled and served in a rich demi glaze 


Chicken Marsala - Chicken breasts simmered in Marsala wine sauce with sautéed mushrooms. 


Chicken Cordon Bleu - Chicken breasts stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese, baked and dressed with a creamy hollandaise sauce.  

(All entrees are served with a garden salad, chef’s choice seasonal vegetables, assorted dinner rolls and butter along with roasted red potatoes. Coffee, Iced Tea or milk included.)  


EMAIL Jeane Hepfler at  ( or TEXT (715.790.5953) NO LATER than November 25!!!


ADJOURNED: at 7:50 PM on Motion by Lewis/Judy Harrison: CARRIED


Recorded by:  

Jack Halbleib